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Fuck Off Rogers

Another anti-competitive and anti-consumer move is approved by our useless telecom regulator.

Rogers was given approval to purchase AWS-1 spectrum from Videotron the other day and this should have never been allowed to happen.

Rogers is already insanely spetrum heavy and is nowhere near reaching their network capacity.

Shit like this makes my blood boil. This spectrum should have to be surrendered by Videotron and put back up for auction for the smaller carriers. This bull shit with big companies getting bigger while the little guys get screwed every which way by the big 3 douchebags is enfuriating!

The CRTC needs to get off its ass and keep working towards fixing this broken system! I’m so tired of seeing anit-competitive behaviors like this from companies that keep claiming they have enough competition here in Canada.

Rogers, Bell and Telus own every other small brand in Canada aside from regional carriers like Sasktel and Freedom Mobile.

So fuck off Rogers! You lie through your teeth!

You Deserved To Be Scammed

I’ve read a lot of posts like this one that details a person being scammed by someone over the phone into paying their back taxes using gift cards and cannot believe how incredibly stupid some people can be.

People are receiving calls from someone claiming to be the Canada Revenue Agency who are looking to collect on back taxes you owe or something to that extend. You are then threatened with jail time and RCMP attention if you do not make some form of payment arrangement. This all sounds terrifying right? I guess it would be, until they tell you their method of payment is iTunes or Visa gift cards…..

Who the hell in their right mind goes out and buys over $20K worth of gift cards to repay any form of debt? No business or debt collector is going to call you looking for gift cards…. What use does a business have for iTunes gift cards in place of cash?

If you were scammed by these people, you deserve it because you must be absolutely oblivious.

That’s all.

Dear America: Fix this Shit!

Dear America:

Your country has been under a microscope for a long time. People look to you to be a global leader in social and economic issues and yet not a day goes by that the whole world doesn’t wonder why the hell you haven’t done anything to get your gun laws in line!

I’m getting really tired of reading about people who can simply walk into a store (or a BANK!) get a gun and proceed to shoot people without so much as a god damn drivers license.

I hate that because of your gun control laws six people are now dead for absolutely no fucking reason!

Do you as a country not see what a massive problem this is? This event just goes to show that someone on a whim in your country can pick up a gun and travel to several different locations, and shoot / kill several innocent people!

Is this not enough for you to say to yourselves: “Ok maybe we should make gun ownership a bit more difficult and restricted so that some psycho can’t just walk in, buy a gun, and fucking kill people!”

Events such as these bring nothing but hurt and sadness to your own people and yet you still have the audacity to quote your constitutional right to bear arms?!?! Maybe it’s time that right is modified to allow you to bear arms in the face of a tyrannical government or something more specific because you as a country are like ┬áRalphie in “A Christmas Story” people keep telling you that you’re going to shoot your eye out and you keep telling people “Fuck that, I still want my guns”.

Gun control needs to exist for the same reason speed limits exist. Because without them, nobody can hold you accountable for being a twat with your Car(s) / Gun(s).

Fix it America. Fix it as soon as humanly possible before more lives are wasted by senseless gun crazy ass holes.

This rant was inspired by the following Huffington Post article.


Dear Ottawa Drivers


What the Feminism?

That’s right WTF?!? I really need to know what this whole thing is about, because when I read the wikipedia entry for feminism I see this:

Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

Which if I understand correctly means the goal is to bring both genders on to equal ground in every single way. Alright! I can get behind this!

Bear in mind everything I am about to write will come off as a rant and it is intended to be. I am also no expert on the matter so please feel free to chime in on anything I get wrong.

Political Equality

Lets take a look into politics:

  • Men can vote. Women can vote.
  • Men can become MPs. Women can become MPs.
  • Men can be Prime Minister. Women can be Prime Minister.
  • A man can be Governor General. A woman can be Governor General.
  • A man can be a minister. A woman can be a minister.
  • A man can be a judge. A woman can be a judge.

Anything I’m missing here? Seems pretty equal to me. Also the pay scales are dictated by the position, so there’s no favoritism for men over women here.

Economic Equality

This is the argument that there is a pay gap between men and women who do the same job. Now I am someone who doesn’t 100% believe this argument, as I’ve been in several different software and customer service based roles.

What I have noticed is that there’s a pay gap between people in the same role regardless of gender. What accounts for this gap?

In my opinion what accounts for this gap is the willingness of a candidate to negotiate a salary that makes sense for them.

In the private sector employers hold all of the cards and are not about to show them to you! That being said, ask and you shall receive. I’ve been asked by friends about how it is I make the money I make. The fact of the matter is, I negotiate. I make it clear when we talk about salary and benefits what I am willing to take, and have had to walk away from jobs that don’t offer what I require. Maybe this is much different in other sectors but in mine, I never see it.

Cultural, Social, and Personal Equality

This part of it I believe has a lot to do with social norms and the stereotypes that society has for women.

In society women are depicted as the care givers who exist to have kids, keep the house tidy, and cook the meals while the man is out working and providing. This is truly something I don’t agree with and I do think needs to change.

Women are equally capable of handling just about any job a man can. Hell I’ve met women that can code circles around me and I’m not even going to try and say I’m better.

Can we talk about men for a second? It’s my blog so of course we can.

Let’s talk about cultural equality for men.

Why is it that women can be victims of rape, but not men?

Why is it that when there is any kind of custody battle, the judges err on the side of the mother?

Why is it that when a woman beats up a man, he’s pathetic but when a man beats up a woman she’s a victim?

I think if anything women are mostly equal and need to start acting as such.

In the end shitty people do shitty things to one another and someone ends up being a victim while the other ends up a perpetrator. That’s how things work. What really needs to change are the general assumptions being made across the board regardless of gender, race, or religion.

Just because someone is black, does not mean they’re a criminal.

Just because someone is a man, doesn’t mean they’re a rapist or trying to bring women down.

Just because someone is Christian, doesn’t mean they’re a religious nutbar.

Just because someone is a woman, doesn’t mean they are any less entitled to rights as their male counterparts are.

Please consider the other side of the coin before spouting this femenazi garbage that everyone is pasting all over different memes and social networks.