Job Hunt Part 1

2 Nov

So this is a job description I received from a recruiter this morning:

This job description has been sent by the same company via 3 different recruiters.

The first recruiter I spoke to told me the company name and let me research them on my own.

The second recruiter wouldn’t name names but told me they were looking to pay $40,000 per year for the right candidate.

The third recruiter told me that $80K to $100K was not out of the question but would not name names, however he did confirm the name when I told him I’d heard about this position before.

The company offering this position is absolutely terrible and has a piss poor reputation here in Ottawa, however they keep trying to find developers that are going to risk their own reputation and their livelihood working for a company that is essentially a sweatshop for coders who know a little bit about writing wordpress themes / plugins.

The salary variance is what really messes me up. So either I settle for $40K and hopefully work my way up to $80K OR I start at $80K and am very unlikely to see any increase from there for a while.

Definitely not somewhere I want to work. Especially when I read about people not getting paid on time and being overworked.

Sorry to all the recruiters out there, but I can generate that kind of cash on my own without going downtown to an office every morning and fighting traffic the whole way.

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