Overwatch Open Beta

I remember hearing about Overwatch during one of Blizzards press events and thought “Blizzard is making an FPS? LOL!”.

Well after playing Overwatch non-stop all weekend long, I have determined that I should probably play a game before I laugh it off.

Overwatch is an absolute blast! I had a ton of fun learning all of the characters and maps, and am somewhat disappointed that I won’t be able to play it again until its release.

The characters and their talents bring a very cool dynamic to the game forcing everyone on the team to work together in order to win. It’s been a great weekend, but I can’t wait until this game is released and I can play it non-stop for a few days a week!

About the Author

Andrew Goldenberg is a software developer, gamer, and somewhat of a geek. He's a gadget fiend and cannot resist the shiny of a brand new Apple product.