Fuck Off Rogers

11 Jun

Another anti-competitive and anti-consumer move is approved by our useless telecom regulator.

Rogers was given approval to purchase AWS-1 spectrum from Videotron the other day and this should have never been allowed to happen.

Rogers is already insanely spetrum heavy and is nowhere near reaching their network capacity.

Shit like this makes my blood boil. This spectrum should have to be surrendered by Videotron and put back up for auction for the smaller carriers. This bull shit with big companies getting bigger while the little guys get screwed every which way by the big 3 douchebags is enfuriating!

The CRTC needs to get off its ass and keep working towards fixing this broken system! I’m so tired of seeing anit-competitive behaviors like this from companies that keep claiming they have enough competition here in Canada.

Rogers, Bell and Telus own every other small brand in Canada aside from regional carriers like Sasktel and Freedom Mobile.

So fuck off Rogers! You lie through your teeth!

Disappointed in Wind Mobile

3 May

Wind Mobile was a company that when it entered the market it spoke of doing away with the shady¬† business practices of the “Big 3” which for those not in the know refers to Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Today I saw people talking about a plan available on Wind Mobile that allows unlimited roaming usage as well. Plan details here.

After further reading it turns out this plan is only available in Alberta and after confronting Wind about it I got the same response about them “Bringing Value” as the big 3 use when they jack up rates.

I was always proud to be a Wind customer…. until today.