Review: Blackberry KeyOne

17 Jun
Blackberry KeyOne

The Blackberry KeyOne is the first device that Blackberry has produced in recent memory that really had me excited about owning a Blackberry again.

Blackberry has finally created an Android device with the latest version of the operating system as well as a fantastic camera, large battery, and best of all a physical keyboard that only Blackberry knows how to do.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Blackberry KeyOne is absolutely insane! On reddit some users have posted over 10 hours of screen on time on a single charge. I’ve had slightly lower numbers than that, but I also was never able to drain the battery entirely in a day.

Camera Quality

The camer a sensor is the very same sensor in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. It turns out some pretty incredible photos and videos.


Call Quality

The call quality on the Blackberry KeyOne has been absolutely stellar. Callers are loud and clear and can hear me just as clearly. Not much else to say about this. It works tremendously well as a phone.

Build Quality

The build quality on the Blackberry KeyOne is truly exquisite. The full metal body with the curved screen edges and the grippy textured back make this device a delight to hold in your hand.


The full outright cost of the Blackberry KeyOne is $729 unlocked from Blackberry, and for the price you get a great camera, fantastic battery life, and a physical keyboard. If these are things that are important to you as they are to me, then this is a fantastic device to consider.

Giving Blackberry Another Try (Day 1)

27 Feb

Growing up the Blackberry platform was the best smartphone platform for its time. I had almost every single model of the Blackberry that I could get my hands on starting from the RIM950 and ending with the Blackberry Z10.

I was one of the first people in line to buy the Blackberry Z10 and was super excited until I got my Z10 home, updated, and charged.

After half of a day on standby, the Z10 notification light was blinking indicating that the battery needed charging. I found this hard to believe but charged it back up to full and continued my day. Around 4PM that same day, the light was blinking again and so I returned the Z10 after being told there was nothing wrong with it, and never looked back.

Here I am in 2015 still wanting Blackberry / RIM to succeed and as a result am giving Blackberry another fair shake. So far I’ve set everything up to my liking and side-loaded the android apps I use daily.

Today is Day 1.