A Wireless Experiment: $20 All Inclusive Wireless

22 Sep

I recently became aware of a service known as Hushed by sheer luck and have been absolutely blown away by the possibilities this app enables.

Hushed is toted as an app that allows you to get a disposable number in a large list of countries to use as a burner number. Good idea right? The product is simple, elegant and works well. But here’s what the company I don’t think realises.

If you select a Canadian or US number, an unlimited plan becomes available which offers unlimited Calling, Texting and MMS anywhere in North America for $4.99 per month! Here’s where it gets really good.

Fido has a promotional data plan right now which offers 3GB of data for $15 per month (in Ontario not sure of other provinces). Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

Here’s what I did:

  • Visited a Fido store and purchased a Data Only SIM card (The sims used for tablets.) at $10 and set up the $15 data plan mentioned above.
  • Signed up for Hushed through the Android app (Also available on iOS) and selected a number.
  • Purchased the unlimited plan from Hushed.

That’s it! I can now call, text and use data all for $20 a month. The overage costs on this $15 data plan is $10 a GB which is perfect. This means I can even do 5GB of data and unlimited calling for about $40 a month.

Hushed also includes visual voicemail, and calling options such as call display and call forwarding.

The app also lets you have multiple numbers. So for instance if you run a small business, you could simply request another number for it.

I you want to try it out for yourself, you can sign up and try a number out for 3 days. Also don’t worry about loosing your number! You can open a support ticket and have your number ported in as well should you decide to stick with the service.

Get Hushed: iOS | Android

Giving Blackberry Another Try (Day 1)

27 Feb

Growing up the Blackberry platform was the best smartphone platform for its time. I had almost every single model of the Blackberry that I could get my hands on starting from the RIM950 and ending with the Blackberry Z10.

I was one of the first people in line to buy the Blackberry Z10 and was super excited until I got my Z10 home, updated, and charged.

After half of a day on standby, the Z10 notification light was blinking indicating that the battery needed charging. I found this hard to believe but charged it back up to full and continued my day. Around 4PM that same day, the light was blinking again and so I returned the Z10 after being told there was nothing wrong with it, and never looked back.

Here I am in 2015 still wanting Blackberry / RIM to succeed and as a result am giving Blackberry another fair shake. So far I’ve set everything up to my liking and side-loaded the android apps I use daily.

Today is Day 1.